Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Paper - SOF and Private Security Companies

A paper has recently been published in Parameters and posted on the Strategic Studies Institute portal of the U.S. Army that looks at the relationship between special operations forces and private security companies (or private military companies). The paper abstract is below:
"This article examines the potential role of private security companies as part of a global special forces network. It reveals three factors that may influence the utility of such companies: (1) the industry's largely defensive forces; (2) the implications of serving a humanitarian and development clientele; and (3) the challenges of retired special forces personnel moving to the private sector".
The paper - "Special Operations Forces & Private Security Companies" - by Christopher Spearin, was published in Parameters, 44(2) Summer 2014, pages 61-73. Dr. Spearin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Defence Studies of the Royal Military College of Canada located at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto, Ontario.

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