Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Haiti Conference: Resources for Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance - March 9-10, 2010

A conference will be presented by the Global Investment Summits firm and the International Peace Operations Association (IPOA) that will provide an opportunity for firms that can provide assistance to Haiti relief efforts to link up with other organizations seeking help.  Below is an excerpt from the website for the conference: 
"This not-for-profit event constitutes a partnership between Global Investment Summits and the IPOA. Jointly, we plan to bring relevant international organisations and aid agencies together with key players from the private sector. The discussion and meeting-oriented format of the summit will allow the parties involved to begin addressing the vast efforts required to reconstruct Haitian infrastructure and rehabilitate the country’s economy and society. Most significantly, all profits from the event will be donated to leading Haitian relief funds.

The objective of the summit is to help rebuild the political, economic and commercial hubs of Haiti, particularly in the devastated capital, Port-au-Prince. With an estimated 60% of the country’s GDP eradicated, up to half of building infrastructure ruined and damaged in the capital, and nearly 1 million displaced people, rebuilding the nation will prove to be a massively complex process. The summit aims to contribute to the reconstruction efforts in fields spanning from logistics, transport and communications infrastructure to security sector reform, whilst helping ensure stability for and the welfare of Haitians in terms of medical and nutritional aid and shelter."
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