Thursday, January 7, 2010

Book: "The Bone Yard" - True Story of an Embedded Training Team Ambushed in Afghanistan

The author James F. Christ has wrote a book about a National Guard ETT or Embedded Training Team that gets ambushed in Afghanistan.  The time is October 2003, approximately two years after the war began; and after Bush administration, the military, and the country shifted focus from Afghanistan to Iraq.  The mission to train the Afghanistan Army was stalled and active duty troops were earmarked for Iraq.  The traditional trainers for a combat FID mission would have been Special Forces ODAs partnered with Afghan battalion-sized infantry units - but this received little funding, scant attention, and SF teams were doing other things.  Instead, teams of conventional National Guard Soldiers pieced together from a variety of units were mobilized, trained up for a very short period, and then sent into Afghanistan to stand up the Afghan Army.  James Christ is embarking on a project to write ten books about the ETTs - each book about a specific battle.  The first one is called "The Boneyard" and it was released in November 2009.  It is available on at the link below:

The Bone Yard: Book One of the ETT Series

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