Wednesday, December 30, 2009

RAVEN UAV Feeds Free to Enemy; Army Working to Encrypt the Videos

The Army is moving quickly (is that really possible given that the news of UAV feeds being intercepted was first broke in 2004?) to encrypt UAV video feeds.  One of the first UAV feeds to be encrypted are for the small, hand-launched RAVEN UAV (used by Special Forces and others).
"A report published in the Dec. 17 edition of The Wall Street Journal detailed how defense officials earlier this year discovered laptops in Iraq loaded with a $26 Russian-made software program called SkyGrabber that hacked into video broadcast by Predator cameras, which show the location of insurgents being targeted by the drones."
Read more in "Army: Working to encrypt UAV video feeds", Army Times, December 21, 2009.  Click here to learn more about "SkyGrabber" software.

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