Monday, December 30, 2013

Air MEDEVACs for Africa Enhanced with TCCET-E

Photo by SSG Eric Harris (12 Jan 2011)
Africa is a huge continent and the U.S. keeps a number of military and other personnel working in many of the countries throughout the continent. Most are engaged in peaceful activities such as development projects, educational enterprises, and military training events. However, every once in a while something bad happens and a crisis develops. Many times there are U.S. citizens or military members who are hurt, wounded, sick, or injured and the military has the best resources to evacuate these personnel. The U.S. Air Force in Europe has recently established the Tactical Critical Care Evacuation Team or TCCET-E. Read more about the TCCET-E in "New Air Force concept for aeromedical evacuation to meet challenges in Africa", Stars and Stripes, December 26, 2013.

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