Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Buying Military Gear - Helpful Hints on How and Where to Buy Military Clothing and Gear

Buying Military Gear

If you’re in the army, or just wish you were, then you’ll need military clothing. If you’re just a civilian who likes camo, then you can buy whatever type of military garments that you like. However, if you’re serving then you obviously have to be conscious of what you need to buy so you don’t end up getting the wrong thing. After your first issue of army clothing, you should get a uniform allowance to help you replace garments that you need, though it may get less and less the longer you’ve served. This is why it’s crucial to know where to buy your replacements from. Whether you need technical base layers or shirts, or accessories like bags, footwear and first aid kits, here are a few tips to help you buy your much needed military clothing.

Soldiers Shopping for Military Gear
(Photo USAG Humpheys, Creative Commons CC BY 3.0)

Buy on Base

Most army bases have a clothing store, so you don’t have to go far for replacement items of your uniform. The clothing stores may have people available to tailor your clothes to your specific measurements and help make you look smarter- specifically if you are a higher class or rank, or are looking to replace your decorative or ceremonial garments.

Military Surplus Stores

There is usually a military surplus store nearby, where ever you’re based when not deployed. These stores offer a wide range of different military gear, and can offer good deals on the various garments that you may need. It may be a good idea to ring ahead and see if they have what you need in store. Many army surplus stores also operate online now, which is a great way to scout out deals and make sure that you get the most for your money.

If you’re going to buy from outside of the military, then get advice from your friends and colleagues as they may be able to recommend a good store.

Make sure that you inspect all items in the store before you buy, as some retailers buy both new and used articles. The best advice for buying online would be to buy new, as the description of the condition can be questionable and disputable from both sides.

Military Vehicles

You can also buy former military vehicles from specially held auctions. Normally registered online, you can buy vehicles singly or in lots and purchases can range from parts to cargo trucks to boats and more. You may need a licence to purchase certain types of military vehicles. It is wise to attend auctions in person, so you can check out whether the description matches the condition of the vehicle, and whether you’re happy with it over all – auction sales are final and only in very rare cases are they negotiable. Make sure you know the procedure for the auction so you can buy your military vehicle, as well as keeping in mind that you may have to pay for transportation, tax, any repairs, etc.

This post is a guest article by Timothy Brighton.


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