Thursday, February 7, 2013

SOF Needs to Stay Robust in Future

As we move away from Afghanistan (having already done so in Iraq) there will be moves to down-size the military. Those who advocate a smaller military should at the same time recognize that there will be continued conflict around the world and that the U.S. needs to be able to respond appropriately. The vast majority of these conflicts will be small and unconventional in nature - not requiring a large Navy, thousands of airplanes, and multiple divisions of Army and Marines on the ground. Many of these future conflicts, troubled-areas, and contingency events can be addressed with the very competent Special Operations Force (SOF) fielded by USSOCOM that has steadily gotten better and better over the last several decades. A writer, Whitney Grespin, states this argument very effectively in "Protecting Sound Investments: Preserving U.S. Special Operations Forces Assets in the Next Administration", Diplomatic Courier, February 6, 2013. You can view the article at the link below.

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