Friday, February 24, 2012

Special Operations Recruiting and War Movies

The movie Act of Valor will soon be showing in theaters nation-wide. For those who have not heard the movie actors are real-life Navy SEALs.  While many veterans and servicemen eagerly await a movie that shows "what it is really like" others are criticizing the movie as a military recruiting tool; similar to the 1960s The Green Berets starring John Wayne. Could be.  But I bet it will be a great movie! As far as recruiting goes; I hope the movie is a good recruiting tool - just as The Green Berets was a great recruiting movie. The Special Operations community (MARSOC, Army Special Forces, AFSOC, and Navy SEALs) need high-quality, physically fit, and intelligent men to undergo the intense training and demanding selection process and join the special operations teams.  If a movie helps to attract recruits to those select units then that is a good thing.  If after seeing the Act of Valor you think you might have what it takes to be a special operator then check out these websites below:

Air Force Special Operations

Navy SEALs

Marines Special Operations

Army Special Forces

National Guard Special Forces

And for those who have never heard of the movie entitled The Green Berets you can learn more at the link below at

The Green Berets

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