Friday, October 14, 2011

A Special Forces Team's Approach to Village Stability Operations (VSO)

A team leader for a Special Forces team currently in Afghanistan has posted a paper on the Small Wars Journal web site that explains how his detachment is conducting Village Stability Operations (VSO). Village Stability Operations is one of the primary missions of CFSOCC-A and the CJSOTF-A in Afghanistan.
"This paper is an effort to demonstrate my team’s approach to VSO using the principles and TTPs that numerous articles have recently highlighted in the July-September issue of Special Warfare Magazine. It illustrates the practical application of the principles of VSO in the current operational environment and details exactly how these principles appear through the prism of the Military Decision-Making Process. This is the product of the team’s assessment, planning, execution, after action review and refinement process over the last 150 days of VSO operations in an austere and isolated location."
Read the paper entitled "One Team's Approach to Village Stability Operations", Small Wars Journal, September 4, 2011.

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