Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Covert Solution for Afghanistan - Abandon the Large Conventional Force; Use SF and CIA

An article in The Wall Street Journal calls for a change in how we are fighting the war in Afghanistan.  Jack Devine, the author of the article, states that "The U.S. military will not achieve anything resembling victory in Afghanistan . . . "  He suggests that we start now in formulating a new strategy to be implemented once the current plan runs its course (fails).  He states that the large force that occupies Afghanistan is the wrong force for the fight, alienates the Afghan population, costs a lot of money, and offers up targets for the Taliban.

Devine argues that a smaller, covert force can accomplish our objectives (once redefined).  We should identify tribal leaders that we can work with to accomplish our goals in Afghanistan upon the departure of our large conventional force (and possible failure of the Karzai regime).  The smaller force left in place would be an interagency group of CIA, Special Forces units, and other supporting military and government elements.

Read the entire article here in "The CIA Solution for Afghanistan", The Wall Street Journal, July 29, 2010.

Jack Devine was the former CIA deputy director of operations and chief of the CIA Afghan Task Force from 1986-87.  He is now president of The Arkin Group - a private sector intelligence company based in New York.  You can read his biography here.

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