Monday, August 16, 2010

Afghan Local Police (ALP) Intiative for Village Protection Approved by Karzai

KABUL - The Afghan Ministry of Interior (MOI) announced that President Hamid Karzai has authorized the stand up of the Afghan Local Police (or ALP) initiative, which will be overseen by MOI leadership.

Deputy Minister of Interior, Gen. Munir Mangal, made the announcement today at MOI Headquarters to a group of 60 national and international journalists.

“ALP members will work to make their villages safe by protecting business, clinics, and everyday activities,” he said.

The local police force will extend the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s and the Ministry’s ability to protect its citizens under the rule of law.

“MOI will be responsible for ensuring that the ALP are protecting the local citizens and operating under the law,” Mangal said.

The Ministry has conducted studies of the areas needing security, working closely with the National Directorate of Security (NDS) and the Ministry of Defense (MOD) to implement a successful plan.

“The ALP initiative will be implemented in a manner similar to that of the Afghan National Police - they will be equipped by MOI with vehicles, radios, and light weapons,” he said. “MOI instructors will provide training at these villages where the local police live and will operate - their area of operation is only their specific local village.”

The Deputy Minister stated that members of the ALP will be on the MOI “Tashkil” or manning document and under the MOI’s command. He specified that MOI will pay the salaries and provide equipment if needed.

“The ALP is different from a militia; the ALP will be trained by MOI leadership, they will only work in their local area (village), and they will be commanded by the Ministry.”

He added that if those cleared to join already have weapons, the weapons must be regisitered with the government.

In his closing remarks, Mangal said, "in order to join the ALP, a person must be assessed by the elders, local government, and local shuras and can only be assigned to the area (village) that has accepted him."

“The ALP will uphold the [Afghan National Police] motto: ‘In Service to the People.’”
 Story posted on the NTM-A CSTC-A website on August 18, 2010 as "Afghan Local Police Approved for Village Protection".  Read more news articles on this topic at the link that follows:

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