Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Village Security Forces in Afghanistan - U.S. in Favor but Karzai Is Not

The U.S. is pushing the Karzai regime to give the green light for the Village Security Program.  Karzai is opposed to the plan.  Hopefully a decision (agreement) will be arrived at soon - as many see village security forces formed at the local level as one of the better solutions to enhanced security in Afghanistan.  The Afghan National Police (ANP) has been corrupt, ineffective and is part of the problem.  Although better trained, equipped, and somewhat more reliable than the ANP the Afghan National Army (ANA) forces are not quite getting out to the rural areas as much as needed.  The press is following this story.

KABUL, Afghanistan — With American commanders pushing to expand the number of armed village forces in areas where their troops and the local police are scarce, the Afghan president is signaling that he has serious concerns that such a program could return the country to warlordism, challenging the power of the central government.

The village forces have been one of the top subjects under discussion in frenetic daily meetings for the past week between Gen. David H. Petraeus, the American military commander in Afghanistan, and Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president. The two are scheduled to meet again on Tuesday, according to senior NATO military officials here.
Read the rest of the article in "U.S. and Afghanistan Debate More Village Forces", The New York Times, July 12, 2010.  Read more about the village security and local defence programs in Afghanistan.

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