Saturday, July 10, 2010

Book: Operation Hotel California - The CIA in Iraq

"Operation Hotel California: The Clandestine War Inside Iraq" was wrote by Mike Tucker and Charles S. Faddis and published in May 2010.  The book is an inside account of the secret CIA mission that took place in advance of and during the early stages of the Iraq War.  Mr. Faddis, a retired CIA agent, provides a first-hand account of his participation in this mission. 

The book provides a critique on some of our anti-terrorism measures, steps to move forward in the war against terror, and an endorsement of the Kurdish people as allies that can be truly trusted as friends of the United States.  Clicking on the image at left will bring you to the book store where you can read some reviews and purchase the book.

In addition, the link below will bring you to a lengthy book review by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that provides more information about the book - citing the good and the bad points about the book.  The text that follows is a small part of the CIA book review:
"Despite the above faults, Operation Hotel California is an important offering to the debates on intelligence. The reader sees the extent to which US strategists and policymakers failed to ask the tough questions about how Iraq would respond to a post-Saddam order. This book also shows that if intelligence is only marginally relevant to strategy in a given country, it may just as easily be the fault of the strategists as that of intelligence. Highlighting that truth, aside from the insights into CIA's prewar work in northern Iraq, makes this book a relevant addition to intelligence discourse."

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