Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Afghanistan's Local War - Building Local Defense Forces (Jones and Munoz, RAND Corp, 2010)

Seth Jones and Arturo Munoz of the RAND Corporation have authored a publication entitled "Afghanistan's Local War: Building Local Defense Forces" (released 2010).  The first paragraph of the Preface is below and describes the purpose of the document: 
"This document examines the viability of establishing local defense forces in Afghanistan to complement Afghan National Security Forces. It focuses on security measures, especially on helping communities defend themselves against insurgent threats, rather than on broader economic, justice, and other development efforts. It concludes that local security forces are vital but should be small, defensive, under the immediate control of jirgas and shuras, and supported by national security forces. These conclusions are based on detailed research the authors conducted in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as on their examination of historical and anthropological work on tribal and community dynamics."
 A RAND Corporation press release provides additional information:

The document is available at:

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