Monday, June 7, 2010

Recruiting Afghan Police for Marjah is Difficult

Building the Afghan police force has been difficult. They have had bad training programs of various kinds imposed upon them. The recruits usually do not know how to read or write.  Their education is low as well as the pay they receive.  These difficulties are evident across the country as well as in Marjah - the scene of a recent attempt to restore government control and services.  A news article reflects the difficulties of establishing the police force in Afghanistan. 
"No one showed up for the start of official recruitment for Marjah's first local police force. No one showed up until the third — and last — day at a U.S. Marines base in North Marjah, the Afghan district invaded by American and Afghan military forces in February. Locals told the 3rd Division 6th Marines that they had reservations about joining the force — they were too scared of or too intimidated by the Taliban to risk allying themselves with foreign forces in a landscape that the Marines are still struggling to bring under control."
Read the rest of the article - "In Afghanistan, Marines Recruit a Marjah Police Force", Time Magazine, June 7, 2010.

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