Monday, May 3, 2010

Dexter Filkin's Assessment of Afghanistan (April 2010)

A foreign correspondent for the New York Times and author of a book on the Iraq and Afghanistan war has filed a story with National Public Radio about Afghanistan. 
"Dexter Filkins, a foreign correspondent for the New York Times, has just returned to the United States from Afghanistan, where he spent the past several months reporting on the troop surge and the challenges the U.S. faces in trying to drive the Taliban out of the country. Filkins says that he's growing increasingly "less hopeful" that the U.S. government can leave the country with a stable government because the Afghan government is in itself "a rotten shell."
  Read the story at "Afghanistan's 'Make or Break' Time", NPR, April 20, 2010.  Find out more about Dexter Filkins book at The Forever War.

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