Saturday, May 1, 2010

Contractors Paying the Price in Iraq: Deaths in Combat Zone Continue

Contractors, bearing a large part of the burden of the war on terror in combat zones, are continuing to pay a high price.  This is still true in Iraq. 
"Military contractors are a fact of life in Iraq - doing everything from protecting diplomats and those involved in the reconstruction process to delivering supplies.

In September of 2008, there were some 160,000 of them working for the Department of Defense alone, today that number is closer to 100.000. Just over 50,000 are Iraqi nationals - but nearly 28,000 are U.S. citizens. And their service comes at a high price.

I'm not talking about the monetary cost of contracting out, (on which there has been a protracted debate over whether hiring them is more cost efficient than having troops do the same work.) I'm talking about the price that's paid in blood.

The Special Inpector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) notes that 25 contractor deaths were reported in the first quarter of 2010, bringing the total number of contractors killed since the Department of Labor began keeping figures in March of 2003, to 1,471."
Read the rest of the article in "Security Brief: Contractors pay the price in Iraq", CNN Blog, April 30, 2010.  Click here to learn more about contractors in war zones.

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