Saturday, April 3, 2010

Taliban Campaign for Kandahar

The Institute for the Study of War has posted a document entitled "The Taliban's Campaign for Kandahar".  Although the paper was posted on December 1, 2009 it is still relevant to the situation on the ground today.  Kandahar will be in the news more than ever over the next several months as the coalition forces attempt to dislodge the Taliban from Kandahar and institute governance and security.  Below is a partial view of the executive summary of the document. 
"This paper describes the Taliban’s multi-year campaign to exert control over Kandahar City. Kandahar is the center of gravity of the Quetta Shura Taliban’s efforts in Afghanistan. The paper demonstrates why Coalition forces have hitherto inadequately responded to the Taliban in Kandahar, and explains why ISAF will most likely allocate additional forces to the districts around Kandahar City in 2010."
  Click here to read the paper:

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