Saturday, April 24, 2010

Human Terrain System (HTS) in Afghanistan Used by Marines

The Marines are using the civilian anthropologists working with the Human Terrain System (HTS) to help stabilize areas of Afghanistan.  The program is not without controversy as the following article indicates: 
"U.S. forces in Afghanistan are using a controversial tool in their efforts to hold the ground recently captured from the Taliban. It is the work of civilian anthropologists and other social science researchers, who advise military commanders on how to win the hearts and minds of local people.

The practice is highly debated among scientists at home, who say there are serious ethical problems with using social science techniques to further military objectives.

The project is called Human Terrain System, or HTS, and it is run by the Department of Defense. It uses researchers such as Kristin Post, who does analysis for U.S. Marine units in Marjah, a farming region in Helmand province that was seized from the Taliban in February."
Read the remainder of the article in "Marines Tap Social Sciences In Afghan War Effort", NPR, April 5, 2010. Click here to read more news about the war in Afghanistan.

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