Saturday, March 27, 2010

Order of Battle for Marjah, Afghanistan Offensive

The "clear" and "hold" part of the Marjah offensive is mostly over.  Now comes the "build" part.  But for those who are interested in which units took part in the offensive there is a listing of units found below:

Five Brigades of the Afghan National Army including elements of:
    Afghan National Army
    Afghan National Police
    Afghan Border Police
    Afghan Gendarmerie (formerly called the Afghan National Civil Order Police)

ISAF Forces include:
    1st Battalion, 3rd Marines (US)
    1st Battalion, 6th Marines (US)
    3rd Battalion, 6th Marines (US)
    4th Battalion, 23rd IN Stryker (US)
    Combat Engineer Battalion (US)
    Light Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment (US)
    1 Coldstream Guards Battle Group (UK)
    1 Grenadier Guards Battle Group (UK)
    1 Royal Welsh Battle Group (UK)
    Helmand Provincial Reconstruction Team (UK)
    Operational Mentor and Liaison Team (UK)
    Task Force Pegasus
    Task Force Kandahar

Info taken from an ISAF document posted on the ISAF website.  See:

p.s.  Not on the list is the mention of Special Forces units and the occasional CIA agent. 

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