Thursday, March 4, 2010

"COIN Common Sense" - New Publication from ISAF Afghanistan

ISAF is now distributing a new electronic publication on a monthly basis called "COIN Common Sense".  The first issue was published in Feb 2010.  It is an Adobe Acrobat pdf file that is 12 pages long and available on the ISAF website.  Some of the short articles within the first issue are:

- "How to Win in Afghanistan, and How to Lose", by Michael Hall, CSM of ISAF
- "Be COIN Mindful, Always" by Stanley A. McChrystal, COMISAF
- "Afghan Perceptions of Civilian Casualties"
- "Actions Speak Louder than Words: Escalation of Force and CIVCAS"
- "The Enemy is Using Your Mistakes Against You"
- "Civilian Casualties, Vehicle Control Points/Cordons & CIVCAS"
- "De-escalation of Force: An example of relationship building in RC-West"
- "Warning Shot Situational Review 101"
- "Muzzle the Insurgents"
- "Out-of-the-Box SOP, Adaptiveness and Protecting the People: Bicycle Patrols in Uruzgan"

You can view a press release about the new publication and if you want to view the pub follow a link within the press release to read online or download.  See the link below:

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