Sunday, March 28, 2010

Admiral Mullen's Three Principles for the Use of Military Force

Many will think that Gen McCrystal's strategy change in Afghanistan (which seems to engage the population instead of the Taliban) is his policy alone.  But it falls in line with the thoughts of others to include Admiral Mullen.  Admiral Mullen has outlined his philosophy on how to fight the war (compare this with Colin Powel's doctrine of the use of overwhelming force). 

1.  Military Force is not the force of last resort.  It should never be the only tool, but one of many tools used to win the fight.

2.  Force should be applied in a precise and principled way.  Every time we kill a civilian we set our cause back and create more enemies.

3.  There will be a constant struggle between policy and strategy.  Strategy will change based on policy and the enemies strategy.

See "Three Principles for Use of Military", The Chairman's Corner, March 5, 2010.

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