Sunday, February 21, 2010

Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Graduates Students from Its First Linguistics Course

The Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) has graduated its first students from its langauge program.  The course is 36 weeks long and includes a one month tour in a foreign country to study the language further.  MARSOC also concentrating resources on current conflict languages such as Dari and Pashtu with one-year long tours of study; a length that probably far exceeds the length of U.S. Army Special Forces Dari and Pashtu courses.  One of the criticisms of the Marine Corps having a special operations component is that it didn't have the cultural experience, regional orientation and language capability.  MARSOC is slowly closing the gap between the SF community and its own special operations community.  Many said it couldn't be done but . . . . .

See "MARSOC graduates first class from linguistics course", ENC, February 19, 2010.

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